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Securing Displayed Merchandise


Elevate your product presentation

Class leading design

UNO is the most elegant way of securely presenting your portable electronic including smartphones, tablets, cameras, navigation and audio equipment. The transparent display standselevates the presented products and provides these an appealing lightness. 


UNO is the fastest way to secure & organize your product presentation. Because all electronics is integrated in a compact controller which is placed at the top of a display in minutes. The controller is also the support for the acrylic display stands. Exchanging the displayed merchandise is a matter or few simple actions and easily doable by store staff.

One for all

A series of acrylic display stands and sensor makes the UNO the perfect companion for all categories consumer electronics. Whether you have a wall or table top display, UNO is designed to perform and fulfill your requirements.

No compromise

UNO is not only great looking but also a secure. Alarm on powerplug and options like clamps for phones and tablets makes it suitable for various security requirments.


For further details also check the product sheets below: