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Securing Displayed Merchandise

Redefining Display Security

Traditional display security solutions produce a loud alarm when a cable is cut or if the secured product is removed illegally. 

The alarm is generated by a base station at a fixed position. The result is that shop staff is aware that something is missing. Often they won’t know where the product has gone. Not seldom a stolen product is lost forever. 

SENS Quattro - Display Seurity

Maximum Security

QUATTRO Compact is based around a Self Alarming Sensor and a 2.4 mm reinforced stainless steel cable. The cable is hard to cut without using special tools and in the unlikely event that it is being manipulated, a loud alarm enables retailers to easily trace items through a store. Changing positions or storing merchandise overnight has never been easier due to the quick release functionality of the Self Alarming Sensor. Alarm on powerplug adds an extra layer of security and is standard for the QUATTRO series

SENS Quattro - Self Alarming Sensor

Optimal Presentation

Customer interaction with the merchandise is optimal thanks to a lightweight and smooth lifting sensor and adjustable view angle. The steel cable is stored safely in the recoiler. This means no cables distracting attention from the presented merchandise. QUATTRO Compact has an adjustbale display angle which allows optimal product presentation. 

SENS Quattro - Adjustable Display Angle

Maximum Efficiency

The compact bracket and compact recoiler are installed in just a few minutes. A cut- resistant steel cable with a comfortable cable length offering customers no restrictions in experiencing a displayed product. Replacing positions does not involve service engineers. No more long waiting and service bills. 

SENS Quattro - Compact Recoiler