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Securing Displayed Merchandise


SENS designs & produces products to display & protect consumer electronics in retail stores. Our objective is to make display security as inviting, effective and efficient as possible. And that is recognized by large and increasing number of customers. All over the world.

INVITING Display products from SENS are the most elegant way of securely presenting your portable electronic including smartphones, tablets, cameras, navigation, speakers and headphones. Minimalistic display stands elevates the presented products and provides these an appealing lightness.



EFFICIENT Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. Therefore most of our products can be placed at the top of a display and do not require special skills or tools to install. Exchanging the displayed merchandise is a matter or few simple actions. A wide series of product stands and sensors makes the SENS products suitable for practically all categories and display tables.

EFFECTIVE We help retailers and manufacturers to increase sales and reduce losses. Our team and business partners are available to advise you, also for customer specific solutions. Simply contact us and experience how your organisation can benefit from our expertise.



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