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Securing Displayed Merchandise

Securing tomorrow’s business

In a modern physical store shoppers are able to see, touch, try and compare consumer electronics. It is the place where especially ‘high touch’ portable products as phones, cameras, computers, tablets and audio products can be experienced as essential part of a purchase.

Display security of SENS is designed and build with the purpose the let customers experience the product without limitations. Increased sales and profit are the result.
Our portfolio includes a wide variety of attractively designed products to fulfil the needs of the various international retail markets. Although the variation in products is large, they all share the same DNA. This implies that our products are by definition comfortable in use, easy to operate, easy to adapt, easy to install, and easy to service. This increases flexibility and minimizes cost during their lifetime.

SENS head office and design centre is based in the Netherlands from where our products are distributed to our channel partners and customers around the world. 


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