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Securing Displayed Merchandise

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QUATTRO series Display Security shows ultimate sophistication

SENS designs & produces products to display & protect consumer electronics in retail stores. Our objective from the moment we started our company was to make display security as discrete, comfortable and flexible as possible. And that is recognized by a fast growing number of customers all over the world.

Display Security from SENS Retail

QUATTRO is inviting. It has been designed with maximum product experience in mind. Therefor it is compact in size, has no external cables, enables an ultraclean presentation and allows unhindered interaction with the displayed product.

Quattro Display Security - SENS Retail

QUATTRO works simply. It is installed & operational in minutes. Thanks to the fact that all security functionalities are integrated in the advanced Self Alarming Sensor. This means no central controllers, no spiral cables, no tubes and other typical ‘line alarm’ hardware to be mounted under the display.

QUATTRO is flexible. It can display and secure mobile phones, tablets, smart watches and smart bands as easily as cameras and navigation systems. The adjustable display angle allows a perfect view at the merchandise, regardless whether QUATTRO is placed on a table top or slanted display table. Changing positions of merchandise is a matter of minutes as a result of the Quick Release mechanism. This makes reorganizing a display a simple task.

QUATTRO is secure. The alarming unit of traditional display security products is fixed at the display. In case of an alarm, staff is notified that a product is missing but in most cases they don’t know where the missing product has gone.

In case of the QUATTRO, the Sensor is Self Alarming. Attached to the merchandise it generates an alarm when a product is tampered with or a cable is cut. It can therefore easily be traced within a store. This makes it simple to recover a product. And as shoplifters don’t like to walk around with an alarming product, theft attempts will also reduce significantly. 

Next Level

SENS QUATTRO brings display security to the next level. Never before were retailers able to display electronic products in such a simple, secure and efficient way.

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